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Millions of people suffer from arthritis of the knee. Techniques and technology are rapidly evolving, providing treatment to restore people to pain-free, active living. In the past, the standard of care for end stage osteoarthritis has been total knee replacement. This is effective in relieving pain and restoring function. However, total knee replacement is an invasive procedure that may not be necessary for all patients.

John Repicci, D.D.S., M.D. of Buffalo, New York, has worked for the past 20 years on an innovative option for the treatment of osteoarthritis: the result is the development of the Repicci IITM Unicondylar Program. This unique treatment option offers distinct advantages over total knee replacement surgery, when applied to the appropriate patient indications.

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The Repicci II Implant System Benefits:

  • Relieves weight bearing pain
  • Rebalances the knee
  • Improves knee function
  • Prevents or delays the need for total knee replacement

Repicci II Implant Repicci II Implants are self aligning metal and plastic "retreads" which can be inserted by an extended arthroscopic procedure to "retread" the exposed bone. A three inch incision is required.